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MinervaFan [userpic]
by MinervaFan (minerva_fan)
at February 23rd, 2004 (02:46 pm)

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That's right, boyz and gurls, it's February 23, the day set aside to commemorate that most wonderfullest of days:


Yes, on this day, some time in the early part of the 20th century, Majel Lee Hudec, aka Majel Barrett, aka Majel Barrett Roddenberry, aka Majel Roddenberry, aka La Grande Diva of Trek, came barreling into the world ready to cause trouble.

As a proud priestess of the Holy Order of Majelism, I urge you to remember the "reason for this season" - go to the video store, rent a copy of "The Cage" for Majel in all her Number One-ish glory. If you're a true diva-tee, dig out your tattered copy of "As Young As We Are" and watch Majel in her fresh-faced youth rattling on about "Freud and sex, sex and Freud." And what more can be said about Lwaxana "I'm Too Sexy for my Wigs" Troi? Roll out the MajelMoments, and celebrate the day.

But whatever you do, take a moment on this fine February day to say, hey, I'm just glad I live in a world with Majel!