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MinervaFan [userpic]
Number One drabble
by MinervaFan (minerva_fan)
at February 17th, 2004 (02:49 pm)

Number One drabble
just a little angsty thing about Number One's role in The Menagerie and Captain Pike's "abduction."

And One

...and I showed my face to him, knelt before his gnarled body, searching for meaning in those silent blue eyes.

...and I thought of them, of their lies and illusions, how they could make you believe anything, do anything.

...and I thought of the phaser, set to overload, no way am I going to let this happen, can your illusions protect you from a close-range phase blast?

...and I thought of my words...it's wrong to create a whole race of humans to live as slaves.

...and they were just words.

...and they meant nothing.

...and I would cast millions into servitude to hear his laugh once more.

...and I would bear the burden on my soul for what I did, and why I did it.

...and I swiped the coordinates.

...and I encrypted the message.

...and I piggybacked the frequency.

And Spock did the rest.


Posted by: Coralie Leane (coralleane)
Posted at: February 17th, 2004 04:11 pm (UTC)
J/C Kiss


I will dig out my drabble I did before Christmas the other year when I get time. *g*

Posted by: SLWalker (sl_walker)
Posted at: June 25th, 2009 04:21 am (UTC)

I dunno if you're still around, but I really... really loved this. Excellent work.

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