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Coralie Leane [userpic]
Greetings, all!
by Coralie Leane (coralleane)
at February 17th, 2004 (01:44 pm)
current mood: accomplished

And, erm, well... just that, really.

I got it at an auction at a con last weekend. I must find somewhere very safe to keep it...


Posted by: MinervaFan (minerva_fan)
Posted at: February 17th, 2004 06:07 am (UTC)



The pic is just the ultimate of coolness!

DebbieB (MinervaFan)

Posted by: Coralie Leane (coralleane)
Posted at: February 17th, 2004 04:19 pm (UTC)

Erk, I know! It was on auction and the second they held it up I turned into a drooling slave and knew I had to have it. It was bloody irritating because most of the other signed trading cards had gone for about £10, yet someone else decided they wanted this too, so I ended up paying £27 for it. Still, it was definitely worth it.

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